Golden Recommendations

You may lay the potatoes in a water filled case prior to the process in order to prevent that potatoes darken after peeling.
You may eliminate the salt adding potatoes if stews are over-salted.
You may add a little sugar in order to make more tasty fried pastries.
You may spread additionally oil on the pastry trimming. Your pastry will be crunchier.
If you desire that the rice in the pilaf has a clearer white color, drop 1 tea spoon lemon juice.
If you store onions a half hour prior cutting in the refrigerator, your eyes will burn lesser.
In order to remove the bad smell of your hands, when chopping spiced products i.e. onion, garlic, wash your hands with a metal soap or rub your hands on a metal surface i.e. kitchen sink.
Stick in a toothpick in order to check whether the cake is baked. If the toothpick remains clean your cake is cooked.
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